Minimizing Plastics & Unnecessary Packaging

In recent years I have been introduced to some companies and businesses such as mine that focus on eco-friendly packaging. While I am still working through my old selection of packaging, I've begun implementing the following into my orders:

🌱 Plant-based compostable clear bags *still plastic but it's also important to protect my art.
♻️ 100% recycled chipboard backing (for added integrity
🙏 Thank you postcard
♻️ Ridged kraft mailer and renewable/recyclable water activated tape

💌 Kraft Envelopes for smaller orders

♻️ 100% recycled & curbside recyclable zero waste shipping labels
🎀 Colorful cotton or silk string

Other Eco-friendly Practices:

I try to reuse or recycle any packaging I receive in the mail as well as recycle ink cartridges once they are spent.