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I Wasn't Always Good At Art

Here’s my secret….

I wasn’t always ‘good’ at art.

I think it’s easy for most people, including myself to look at an amazing piece of art and assume that the artist has always been that good. That they have some magical power they were born with to ‘art’ better and art is just ‘easy’ for them. Want to know their secret? Practice, practice, practice, practice…. hard work, hours and hours of learning, watching, and studying other artists. I know what you're thinking, “Sarah, some people are just born artistic”. Everyone grows up having certain interests which spark their talents and skill sets, but if art has ever been an interest for you, give it a chance. Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you will get. Then yes, creating art will be easier for you because you are comfortable in your skill, you have practiced, and the door to perhaps selling your hard work may be opening… Here are my tips for progressing as an artist, some of which are free!

Tips to progress as an artist:

-Supplies: having the right supplies is important in whatever medium you choose, but having the most expensive 'artist grade' options is not, at least when you are testing the waters and just having fun learning. For watercolor: At the most basic level you will need: pencil & eraser, watercolor specific paper, watercolor specific brushes, student grade paints, a ceramic plate is a perfect palette, and any old jar for water.

-Watch Youtube tutorials and practice them: my favorites channels are Maria Raczynska, LetsMakeArt, and The Mind of Watercolor.

-Finding inspiration from other artists- when I was big into painting food I was greatly inspired by Kendyll Hillegas and Holly Exley. I loved following their work and was captivated by Kendyll’s close-to-realism style and Holly’s use of white space and color.

-Join a paint challenge: Allison Lyon Art has some fun monthly nature challenges which you can paint at the comfort of your home with a community of other artists to share with (if you want).

-DIY kits & Subscriptions: Windswept Design Studio & Lets Make Art. These are guided kits which teach you the steps to creating your very own works of art.

- Online painting classes: Catherine Freshley is an amazing source for both the creative and business sides of being an artist. She offers affordably priced online classes for painting with a focus on Acrylic medium.

-In person classes: I took a watercolor class in college and it opened my eyes to professional quality materials, and the basics such as composition, color theory, painting techniques, paying attention to your light source, and opening up your mind to constructive criticism.

-Want to learn to watercolor in just 5 days! Allie Schultz of Windswept Design Studio has a wonderful free mini series for a foundation in beginning watercolor where you can learn about supplies, techniques, and step-by-step tutorials.

Let me know if you found these tips useful or have any additional tips for progressing in art that you have found in your journey.

-Happy Artting! Sarah

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