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Packaging I Use in My Business

Whether you are just starting your business or wanting to upgrade your packaging, the options can be overwhelming. I always enjoy learning what everyone else is using, so today I'm happy to share my current packaging mix. In recent years I have been introduced to some companies and businesses with a higher focus on eco-friendly packaging. While my business is far from plastic-free and 100% "green", I've begun implementing the following into my orders in an effort to make more responsible packaging choices:

  • Plant-based compostable clear bags *still plastic but it's also important to protect my art,& regular plastic clear bags Clear Bags

  • 100% recycled chipboard backing (for added integrity)

  • Thank you postcard (recycled paper option) Vista Print

  • Ridged kraft mailer and renewable/recyclable water activated tape Ecoenclose

  • Kraft Envelopes for smaller orders Amazon

  • Shipping labels: in the past I used Ecoenclose 100% curbside recyclable labels and I loved them, but my printer did not and wouldn't feed them without holding them in place in the most perfect position... so I switched to these.

  • Colorful cotton or silk string, tissue paper, thank you stickers, and washi tape Amazon & Michael's

​Other Eco-friendly Practices:

I try to reuse or recycle any packaging I receive in the mail as well as recycle ink cartridges once they are spent.

Where I can do better: It's actually very helpful to make a list like the above and begin to analyze not scrutinize (be gentle with yourself) where you can implement more responsible packaging choices. After being on Etsy for many years, I know that I can find many things I need from small businesses like myself. I also would like to try and source my kraft shipping products ideally from 100% recycled materials. One plastic alternative I've seen artists switching to are glassine bags which are water resistant. Though glassine bags seem to always be made with 'virgin' paper, they are a plastic free option that will still provide your artwork and products with moisture protection.

Let me know if you found this post helpful and/or have some eco-friendly tips/resources for me, I'd love to hear from you!

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